Parks & Recreation

ParksCentennial Park hosts Kersey Recreation's outdoor sports practices and games, as well as many of our outdoor events like Splash Day and Kersey Days. More information...

Kohler Park's serene atmosphere is enhanced by the presence of mature trees that provide ample shade, making it an ideal spot for picnics, leisurely strolls, or simply unwinding with a good book. More information...

Memorial Park is currently under improvements, but is accessible off of Hill Street. The park serves as a memorial for Kersey residents, with trees and plaques dedicated to family members and friends. Memorial Park also includes a veterans' memorial for the remembrance of those who served in our nation's armed forces. More information...
Recreation Leagues and FacilitiesNeed to register for sports? Check out all of our programs on our sports page!

North Valley Athletic Association (NVAA)
Kersey Recreation partners with the NVAA for K-6th grade volleyball and basketball, as well as 3rd-6th grade soccer. Other members include Berthoud,  Eaton, Evans, Fort Lupton, Keenesburg (Rebel Youth Athletics), La Salle, Platteville, and Wiggins. The league allows recreation programs to share resources and facilities in order to organize game schedules and other competitive events.

Tri-Valley Recreation League
Tri-Valley is made up of the recreation departments of Kersey, Platteville, and La Salle. The league was organized to provide a local organization for sports not administered by the NVAA. Tri-Valley oversees 6U/8U soccer, basketball, and baseball, as well as 7U/9U flag football. 

Kersey Recreation Facilities
We partner with Platte Valley School District Re-7 for indoor facility use. The district generously allows our sports to hold practices and host games for volleyball and basketball at Platte Valley Elementary and Middle School gymnasiums. A special thanks to Suzi Johnson, Robbie Adams, and Tate Mekelburg for their work on our behalf, in addition to their many responsibilities working for the district. Thank you Colts and Broncos! 

Our outdoor sports utilize the large open space at Centennial Park for practices and games. Kersey's Public Works team works hard to maintain the park's facilities and landscaping to provide the best possible venue for our teams. 
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